Invalid Runbook in SCSM

Changing parameters in a runbook after it was synced in SCSM may change its state to “Invalid”. To fix this you need to go in SCSM and delete the synced runbook and run the Orchestrator connector again. If your SCSM machine is slow ( like mine :) )  you need to wait a little until the “Delete” action appears in the console, on the first instance you get only “Refresh”

More on this topic: Runbook States in Service Manager
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One thought on “Invalid Runbook in SCSM

  1. Hi,
    Did you try to create a change Request from Service Request using SSP and SCOr with Runbook? I want to create a CR from SSP, as you know it is by design not possible.
    Therefore you have to create a CR from SR using SCOr. I have created a Runbook but I get still a error.

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