Install SCCM agent with Orchestrator

This might not be a very common scenario, but let’s say you don’t / can’t use Client Push or GPO Deployment. Here is an Orchestrator runbook that automates the “Manual install” option of the SCCM Agent.

all runbook

Let’s break it down and see how to build it.

First we’re going to use “Get Computer” activity to verify that the “Computer Name” provided in “Initialize Data” is a member of our domain. I renamed the “Get Computer” activity to “Check Computer in AD”

20131024-Check Computer 1

20131024-Check Computer 2

20131024-Check Computer 3

Next, let’s create a folder on our computer.  We should have something like this:

\\{Common Name from "Check Computer in AD"}.lab.local\C$\CMClinetSource2

20131024-3 Create Folder 1

20131024-3 Create Folder 2

Then, we are going to use the “Copy File” activity to copy all the necessary source files from the SCCM Server to the folder we created above.

20131024-4 Copy File 1

I’m placing a Junction here just so my next activity won’t be executed *number of files copied* times

20131024-5 Junction

Next, we will use the “Run Program Activity” to start the agent deployment. I renamed this activity to “Install SCCM Agent”. For the command line you can use only “ccmsetup.exe” if you have SCCM and AD configured correctly. Otherwise, you can just specify the parameter manually like bellow:


20131024-6 Install Agent 1

Also, we are making sure that the “Wait for the completion of the program” option is selected.

20131024-6 Install Agent 2

Next, we are using a “Return Activity”, to return the computer name.

20131024-7 Return Data

Hope this helps.

> V.


4 thoughts on “Install SCCM agent with Orchestrator

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  2. Hello Valentin,
    Is it possible to use your runbook framework to install SCOM agents? We have the SCSM Portal, SCOM and SCORCH, and wondering if I can automate SCOM Agent installs through a Service Request? If so, what would be the gotchas?

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